Being sustainable

At Lost Watering Hole, The Lancefield Brewery, looking after our environment is not just something we talk about, it’s something we actively participate in. Here’s just a few of the ways we minimise our impact:

Waste reduction – Brewer’s grain is the largest waste product in brewing. Once we extract all the sugar from the malted grain, it is directed to a local farmer where it is used as valuable cattle feed. By using recycled and reusable packaging material, like our four pack carrier made from 100% recycled material, much of what we produce can be reused numerous times. Be part of our sustainability swat by returning them to us for reuse.

Water reduction – Beer production is very water intense, with some breweries using 10 litres to produce just one 1 litre of beer. Putting multiple processes in place, we’ve reduced our water use down to 4 litres to produce 1 litre of beer and we’ll continue to look at ways to reduce it even further.

CO2 reduction – During fermentation sugar is converted to alcohol and CO2. While most breweries let the CO2 escape into the air, we actually capture it and carbonate the beer in a natural way, reducing our CO2 footprint.

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