What’s in
a story

What’s in a story

What a great idea!

Lost Watering Hole, The Lancefield Brewery was born from a tiny idea two mates from Lancefield had one day whilst having a beer… “Let’s open a brewery!”

They never expected that one day, several years later, Lost Watering Hole, The Lancefield Brewery would become the special place it is today.

It all began in 1888, when Henry Lindsay bought the former flour mill in Lancefield and converted it into a brewery (God bless him…). Lindsay trademarked the name ‘The Trent Brewery’ and began producing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. In the years that followed, the brewery changed hands many times, continuing to trade until early 1898, when it seems both the building and equipment were put up for auction, although it did not find a buyer. Sadly, a mysterious fire gutted the building the night after the auction, signalling its closure.

Gladly, our brewery is lost no more…

Today, we are proud to welcome you and your friends to Lancefield’s brewery, Lost Watering Hole.

Did you know… In the 1800s, there were 12 pubs in Lancefield… imagine that.

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