Discover more
at the brewery.

Discover more at the brewery.

Why are
we lost?

Why are we lost?

Megafauna and history of the Lancefield Swamp.

In 1843, Melbourne engineer and well-digger James P. Mayne discovered a trove of once lost megafauna. Fossilised bones of large, but extinct, animals on land that became known as Lancefield Swamp. More bones were not unearthed again until the 1960s.

Today, the bones of thousands of animals are preserved in the clay of the Lancefield Swamp. This includes extinct kangaroos and wallabies, such as a larger, 150kg form of the Eastern Grey Kangaroo, the 2 metre tall flightless bird (Genyornis Newtoni) and a rhinoceros resembling Diprotodon, weighing up to 3 metric tonnes.

Evidence suggest there may even be animal remains up to 80,000 years old.

Beer should be naturally flavoursome and taste great.

All Lost Watering Hole beers are 100% naturally brewed on site, in the world-renowned German beer making tradition, without any additives.

As filtering reduces the taste of beer, our unfiltered beers exhibit a natural haze.

You’ll find our beers deliver on taste and complement our generous local food fare selections.

Our food is not only wholesome, it’s also delicious.

Sourcing from local suppliers when we can, our menu is simple but tasty fare, in perfect partnership with our beers.

Our latest menu is delicious and offers small plates, share platters, brewery favourites and large plates for those hungry times. Many of our meals have gluten free and vegan options. If you have any special dietary concerns, please ask our friendly staff for advice.   

Where are we?

Lost Watering Hole, The Lancefield Brewery is located a leisurely 1 hour drive from Melbourne and Bendigo, about 40 minutes from Melbourne Airport and 50 minutes from Daylesford.

Why not come pay us a visit and spend a few days exploring the beautiful Macedon Ranges region.

It’s a great place to find yourself.

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