German Brewing

German Brewing Method

How we do it.

All Lost Watering Hole beers are 100% naturally brewed on site, in the world-renowned German beer making tradition, without any additives.

The German beer making tradition called Reinheitsgebot, also known as the ‘purity law’, is said to be the oldest, still-enforced food regulation in the world.

It was ordered by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria in the year 1516. The Purity law required that “nothing other than barley, hops, and water” be used to produce beer. 

Yeast is the fourth ingredient that is allowed, but it’s not listed in the original law because yeast’s role in the fermentation process had not yet been discovered at the time that it was written. 

Nowadays the Reinheitsgebot ensures that beer can only be brewed with those four natural ingredients. Chemicals, preservatives and finings are not allowed.

Because we follow this method, you’ll find our beers are full of flavour and taste great.

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